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Dog Allergy

There are millions of people who keep dogs as their pets. No matter where you are, it is likely that you are exposed to allergens caused by these canines. The allergens produced by dogs are found everywhere since they too, are found almost everywhere. They are on parks, homes, shops, and even some malls allow the entry of household pets like dogs and cats.

However, though a pet relieves you of your tension and stress, you have to know that you or one of your family members may develop health complications due to the exposure of allergens produced by dogs. To prevent this from happening, read on.

Cause Of Dog Allergy

Contrary to the prevalent belief, the allergens that dogs produce do not come from their fur nor the amount of hair that they shed. The allergens produced by dogs come from the protein substance that is found in their urine and saliva. This protein component, also called Can f 1, is also found on the skin flakes of dogs. Another allergen that is produced by dogs is the substance called albumin, which can be found on their blood.

Once these allergic substances enter your body through your nasal passages, the body will prompt the immune system to eradicate these foreign materials. The allergic reactions that you feel are caused by the effort of the immune system to combat these allergens.

Dog Allergy Symptoms

When a person's body reacts to the allergens, symptoms of allergic reactions may immediately manifest. One of the most common symptoms is the reddening and itchiness of the eyes. Drippy nose and eczema can also be observed along with rashes and hay fever. Excessive coughing may also occur and is likely to lead to an asthma attack.

These symptoms can be worsened if the affected person is exposed to pollutants and other forms of allergens. To confirm if you are indeed allergic to dogs, you can go to a physician for a diagnosis. He or she is likely to perform a skin or blood test.

Preventing Dog Allergy

The best way of ensure that your home is allergen free is to give up your dog. This can be very helpful especially when you or the other members of the family are allergic to dogs. However, it may take some time before the level of allergens in your home matches the level of allergens of a house which has no pet. On the other hand, if you do not want to part ways with your dog, then you can try some of these tips:

Dogs can be very good pets but if your health is being jeopardized by their presence, then you should find a way to make sure that your home is as healthy as possible. Giving up your pet is hard and if you do not have the strength to do this, you have to allot enough time and effort to follow the tips given above in a regular manner.

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