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Onion Allergy

Onion allergy is triggered by eating or having direct contact with onions. True onion allergy is rare. Studies show that only 3% of adults may have this allergy. Despite the statistics, there's a considerable amount of people suffering from onion intolerance. People with onion intolerance don't show as much adverse reactions compared to those with the allergy. Moreover, patients with onion intolerance can consume small amounts of cooked onion, whereas some of those with the allergy can't even stand the smell of onions.

In most cases, raw onion is the culprit for the allergic reaction. However, onion comes from a large group of vegetables called the Allium family. It's really hard to avoid. Aside from that, onions are widely used for cooking, flavoring and preserving different types of foods.

Food That Can Cause Onion Allergy

Plants from the Lily family may also cause onion allergy. It would be best to avoid the sap of the following:

Onion Allergy Symptoms

Allergic reactions to onions can be internal or external. External reactions usually result from direct contact or smelling onions, while internal reactions come from ingesting onions.

An individual's response or allergic reaction may show up at different times and at varying degrees. Some people have immediate reactions, while others don't exhibit symptoms for at least 24 hours. The degree of their allergic reaction depends on how sensitive they are to onions. As for the healing time, most people feel better as soon as the allergen is expelled from their body. There are rare cases though, where the allergic reaction lasts for days, even after the onion has been out of the system.

List of common symptoms:

Onion Allergy Diagnosis and Testing

Your first priority should be to consult an allergist and get yourself tested. They should be able to confirm your allergy and prescribe some medications.

Common ways to diagnose onion allergy:

Preventing Onion Allergy

Onion Allergy Treatment

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